GPS dog tracker

We make sure you are informed of your pets activity with the use of a GPS tracker.

With its latest-generation 6-axis gyroscope and accelerator for high-performance and low energy consumption, Kippy Vita tracks all your pet’s movements and uses a proprietary algorithm to translate them into various activities, depending on individual data (breed, size and weight.)

This algorithm has been developed by researchers at the School of Veterinary Medicine in Bologna and experts in motor activities, who use the results from ongoing tests on various sizes and breeds of animals to produce the most accurate indications.



Kippy Vita can now track the following types of activity:
Run: running and fast-paced activity with feet off the ground (like a horse galloping)
Play: playing and quick movements with sudden sprints and jumps
Walk: walking and active movement
Rest: slow walking and low-level activity
Sleep: sleeping (or the device is turned off)
Kcal: calories burned during the day.



When you open the Activity section of the app you’ll see your pet’s daily activity chart divided into 1-hour columns. The chart is updated every hour with the latest data from the device.


A chart indicating the total time the device has detected activity (light blue) and sleep (dark blue), and has been turned off (grey, below the line).