The importance of grooming your dog

It is easy to think that dog grooming is a luxury, but it is quite the opposite. Here are a few things that regular grooming helps prevent;


Matted coats (matting in dogs can lead to serious health issues and is a breeding ground for parasites)

Keeping your dog healthy (dog groomers are trained to spot health issues from cysts and eye infections to serious conditions such as mange and bloat) Of course groomers can not diagnose a pet, but can point out any issues that they find.

Skin problems (groomers will notice any skin allergies or parasites on the skin immediately and recommend a course of action)

Dog odour (dogs can get smelly, especially very active dogs. Regular grooming helps take care of this)

Ectoparasites (groomers see ticks, mites and fleas on a regular basis so know how to deal with them)

Condition of the coat (regular grooming helps keep the coat in excellent condition)


If you regularly brush your dog it not only stops matting but can strengthen the bond between you