Dog Grooming


I am trained in breed standard dog grooming and have a diploma in hand stripping. I trained at Top Trimz in Leadgate which is a fully hands on course so I have groomed a number of dogs and have my own premises in Crookhall and recommendations from Jo who ran Crookhall cuts before me.


I can do;

Full groom (scissor work, clipping, bath, blow dry, nails)

All off (clipping, nails, bath, blow dry)

Handstripping (nails, hygiene, handstrip)


At Brie’s Boutique we follow the 5 Animal Welfare Freedoms code of practice.


(1) Need for a suitable environment;

Each dog that comes into the salon enters a clean environment, cages are on hand to separate dogs from different homes. Temperature in the salon can be controlled so that dogs are neither too hot or too cold. Dogs are never left unattended and when out for a toilet break they are with myself and in a contained safe outside space.


(2)  Need for a suitable diet;

Water is always available for dogs during their stay in the salon.


(3) Need to be able to exhibit normal behaviour patterns;

Dogs are monitored to make sure they do not get too stressed while being groomed, if the groom is taking over 1.5 hrs dogs are given a 2 min break in our outside space.  Dogs are encouraged to play while outside and when we first meet to calm them and make them feel relaxed.


(4) Need it has to be housed with, or apart from, other animals

Cages are used to keep dogs from different house holds apart from each other while in the salon.


(5) Need to be protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease.

All dogs get a quick initial health exam when they come in, we check eyes, mouth (teeth and gums), fur, ears etc. This is to check if the dog has any matts that will need to be removed, any parasites, issues with being handled which would mean extra precaution and or any injuries or aliments that could effect their behaviour. Any findings will be passed onto the owner.


I am also training in a specific type of grooming called Asian Fusion which is very popular at the moment, especially on instagram and pinterest. Make sure to specify the length that you would like;


Head – Round, split brow, clean face

Body – i.e leave skirt on, all over clip 7F / 5F,  handstrip

Legs – All off, feathered, scissored

Tail – Flagged, all off, carrot

Feet – Cats paw, round, teddy or natural


The importance of grooming your dog