Dog Boarding

I have my council licence and can care for 3 dogs in my home at any one time. I am trained in pet CPR and first aid and have various qualifications in animal welfare. I have had my own dogs for over 24 years and am very used to dealing with smaller dogs, although my home can only really accommodate small to medium breeds. My insurance is through Pet Plan and I have special tags for my boarders for extra security.


I am also investing in tracking tags for boarders when they are walking so you have piece of mind that they are getting 2 big healthy walks a day and that they are getting the correct amount of exercise.


At Brie’s Boutique we follow the 5 Animal Welfare Freedoms code of practice.


1) Suitable environment 

We offer a safe home environment for your pet. The house is clean, flea treated ever 12 months, temperature controlled (warm in winter and cool in summer),  a safe enclosed garden and closed door to porch make for extra security, all bedding is cleaned weekly, Dogs can go out in the garden to go to the toilet regularly, when the dogs are in the car they wear seat belts, dogs have free run of the house and are left unattended for no more than 2 hrs at a time and never left alone with other dogs not from the same family.


2) Suitable Diet

Dogs in our care always have access to drinking water, any dietary requirements are catered for, if dogs need to be fed at specific times and food measured out etc, dogs are never fed just before or after any strenuous exercise.




3) Animals should exhibit natural behaviours 

Dogs are given a safe, quiet space in the upstairs room that they are go to if they wish to be undisturbed, all toys are certified pet toys so do not have any parts that could be dangerous, dogs are walked twice a day when safe to do so (i.e rain storms are strong winds could be dangerous to smaller dogs) but all dogs get a good amount of exercise in various environments with all sorts of interesting smells. Dogs can play with the resident chihuahua pack, with a huge selection of toys, rest and sleep where ever they like in the house and or curl up with me in front of the TV. We have nap time when we make sure everyone is calm and this is to help any dogs that have stresses, we also do treasure hunts where the dogs get to use their nose to sniff out treats and if a dog is looking stressed we give a T-touch massage. Dogs are always introduced in a safe and controlled manner, inside and outside the home and all dogs are kept on the lead when walking. Reward based instruction is given if a dog misbehaves in the house, we never smack or shout at a dog.


4)  Housed with or apart from other animals 

Dogs get to spend some quality time together and understand what it is like to be part of a pack, even if it is a very tiny one. Encouragement is made for all the dogs to get along, but if a dog simply wants his or her own space that is not discouraged (it is after all their holiday) If any dogs are found to have an illness or parasites that could spread to other dogs within the house hold we will quarantine the dog and call the emergency contact and or your vet depending on the circumstances. Due to a number of dogs sharing the same space we provide a number of toys, treats, day beds and water bowls so discourage any disagreements.


5) Protected from pain, injury, suffering or disease

Every precaution is made to keep your dog safe during its stay, any signs of bad health or changes in behaviour will be taken seriously and not overlooked. Dogs are given a health check every 3 days (checking eyes, ears, teeth, legs, body, head for anything out of place see health checking) Dogs who have matting can have this brushed out or a full groom at a reduced cost (see groom & board) Although not legally allowed to give advice on health we are however here to preserve life and if needed first aid and CPR will be used until your dog can be transported to your vet. Please also read (how to brush my dog) this done on a regular basis is good for your dog, strengthens the bond between you and your dog and could save you money.


You can read more about the legislation here


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